New Plant Opening Ceremony and Gold King 6th Anniversary

New Plant Opening Ceremony and Gold King 6th Anniversary

2021-05-15 09:18:24 go 12

Dear Customers,


Dongguan Gold King Industrial Co., Ltd. is 6 years old since its establishment in 2015. Without your strong support and cooperation, it couldn't have gradually expanded and developed to where it is today.

To better build a leading benchmark for metal furnitures, Gold King has acquired a new plant in Houjie Village in March 2021. The renovation of the new plant was completed in early May, and the opening ceremony will be on May 19th, 2021.

To celebrate the completion of the new plant and the 6th anniversary of Gold King, and also to express our gratitude to the people from all walks of life who care and support Gold King, we will hold a housewarming party with luncheon on May 19th, 2021. Looking forward to your presence!

This is a milestone in the history of the development of Gold King. We have full confidence in the future! Our business will be busier, our cooperation will be deeper, and our relationship will be closer!

Looking forward to your continuous support and let's build a firm bridge for cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit to achieve win-win and bright future!

We sincerely welcome your active participation in the grand event with our invitation. May we continue to work together in the future.

Thanks with a grateful heart! 

Address of the New Plant: No.45, Houyong Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, GD, CN

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